What is a "Board of Directors​?"

So, you are interested becoming a member of the RivCoParks Foundation Board of Directors. Being a member of the Board is an important role to help guide the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies as well as making sure the nonprofit has adequate resources to advance its mission in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  In being stewards of the organization, board members are also involved in fundraising activities. We encourage you to read the information on this page to better educate yourself on the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. You may apply online to be show you interest in board membership by completing the application at the bottom of this page.

According to California nonprofit corporate law, a board member must meet certain standards of conduct and attention to his or her responsibilities to the organization. These are referred to as the Duty of Obedience, the Duty of Care, and the Duty of Loyalty.

  • Duty of Care means exercising your best judgment. It doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or that you cannot make a mistake, just that you have exercised reasonable caution in making decisions.

  • Duty of Loyalty means putting your personal and professional interests aside for the good of the organization. Board members are required to read and acknowledge the Riverside County Parks Foundation’s Conflict of Interest policy.

  • Duty of Obedience means being true to the mission of the organization. Donors have the right to expect that funds given will be used for the stated purpose. It is also important that the board ensure that the organization is following all laws and regulations that may apply to nonprofits, such as payment of any taxes and public disclosure of information.​

Board Member Application

Helpful Information

The board of directors is the governing body of a nonprofit. Individuals who sit on the board are responsible for overseeing the organization's activities. Board members meet periodically to discuss and vote on the affairs of the organization.


Thank you for your interest in joining the RivCoParks Foundation Board of Directors. By completing the following application, it demonstrates your interest in joining the Board while helping us understand your views on current operations and how your potential contributions might fit with the Foundation's vision.  Please answer the following questions.  Limit your response to this page/the space provided.  

Board Member "Standards of Conduct"