OVERVIEW: In an increasingly urban society, many children have never been to a park, interacted with wildlife, or know the history of where they live. Additionally, many of these same children live underneath the poverty line, further preventing them from gaining a positive interaction with nature. For these reasons, the RivCoParks Foundation has sponsored  FREE workshops with the RivCoParks District for some of the most disadvantaged children in Riverside County. The fishing workshop educates children on how to fish while learning the science on how identify the fish they catch, learn how fish swims, discover more of their anatomy up close under a microscope, and more! Additionally, they view ancient Native American fish bone tools and jewelry while learning how to cook the fish in the ground. They  learn about the Santa Ana Sucker fish, a threatened species just blocks from their homes, make crafts, travel the children's education trail in riparian environment, and are provided a lunch from community partners. The Foundation provided $1,000 in 2017 for fishing clinics at Lake Cahuilla and Rancho Jurupa Park which benefited over 100 kids at both locations.


RivCo Fish and Game Commission - Fishing Clinics